Asleep Behind the Wheel/Essay

If you and I were walking in a field, and suddenly came across a clump of threes in which the leaves were all turning yellow, with many of them falling to the ground, and I made the comment, “man, winter is just around the corner”, It would make every bit of sense in the world to you. Right? A converse example would be, if the threes were now in full bloom, and I said winter is just around the corner, you would probably ask me what I have been smoking. Examples such as these are woven into the fabric of the universe by the creator since the beginning of time. As a matter of fact, when he created the sun and the moon, he specifically said that they were to govern the day from the night. Obvious conclusion: nothing in creation escapes him, every second of the day he is aware of. He, as well, is the God whose days are like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. I personally must check my watch a hundred times a day, or I am lost. God Transcends time. Creation, in no way dictates how, where, or why God needs to do this or that. He does what he does according to his divine foreknowledge, and divine wisdom, and it is always right regardless of what sense it does or does not make to us.

He however, like the example of the falling leaves gives key indicators of future events for those who seek out his wisdom as to the times, and season which are about to occur. I’m not going to pretend to be a Bible scholar, because that’s not in truth who I am, although I do know enough to be dangerous…. lol. I say this to tell you that there are those who are much more qualified that I am who you can Google up that will give you good insight, and a full picture of these indicators. Buyer be ware not all of them are always spot on, as you have learned you must do your homework. Having said that allow me to point to but one of these key indicators in which God gave to the prophet Daniel almost twenty-six hundred years ago. This indicator amounted to a mathematical equation that God gave to him that would point exactly to the arrival of the long-awaited messiah nearly four hundred years in the future. This prophecy is known as the “70 weeks of Daniel”. Many of the people of Jesus’s day used this equation as well as other prophecies to interpret the times of the arrival of the messiah accurately. True seekers known as the Nobel boreans in the book of acts were commended for their diligence in searching the scriptures to understand accurately the times in which they lived. In the angel’s interpretation of these 70 weeks he outlined exactly what to look for in sixty-nine of these weeks. Then he specifically told Daniel that the last of these weeks were reserved for the distant future time of the end. He did however make a reference to something called “the abomination of desolation” which would occur three and a half years in to this last seven week/seven year period. This abomination, he said would occur in the Jewish temple as Satan made his assertion that he was God while standing in the temple. Please keep this tucked in the back of your minds for just a moment, we will return to it shortly. Jesus, recorded in Matthew 24 while talking to his disciples on a hill overlooking Jerusalem, made a reference to this abomination of desolation while he was expounding on this time period known as the great tribulation, or the seventieth week of Daniel. In this conversation he also made reference to a time in the future that Jerusalem and his holy temple would be destroyed, and that not one stone would be left upon another. This prophecy by Jesus came to pass in 70 AD as Titus, head of the Roman legions did as Jesus said. The result being that titus’s rampage destroyed Jerusalem, and its temple. to this very day nearly 2000 years from that time no temple has stood in Jerusalem.  On the surface it might seem that Jesus was contradicting himself, how can he say that the temple would be destroyed and in the same breath this abomination would occur in the future. So, let me ask the obvious question. If this abomination of desolation is going to happen in the end time tribulation, how exactly would it happen with out a temple to happen in? if you don’t know the answer already, give me just a minute, it will blow your mind.

Ok friends let’s back track just a moment. We started of this essay talking about key indicators, well like it or not, God does have a chosen people, and they are the Jews. Let me say now that his choice of the Jews was not to the exclusion of other nations. His intent from the beginning was that the Jews would be a light welcoming other nation’s into the fold of theocracy. Unfortunately, history records their many failures to live up to this distinction. In any event the Jews being his chosen, he has made them and their history to be his key indicators. Said another way, people observing Gods’ dealings with his chosen can use their history as accurate key indicators of the past, present, and the future.

The scripture in various places foretold of the Jews being scattered throughout the nations as a result of their rejection of the Messiah. The scriptures also made a profound statement concerning their return one day to their homeland Israel. This began not too long after Hitler got through with them. Scattered to the four corners of the earth the holy spirit spoke a wakeup call to them as to their return to Israel. United in spirit they made a resolve to return to their homeland and come back to their calling as Gods chosen. History is filled with the many miracles which God did to accomplish this goal. These miracles are there as key indicators of the times we live in. you would do well to invest some time getting to know these many miracles. Especially from 1948 till current times. Now let’s jump back to the question of Jerusalem having no temple for 2000 years for the abomination of desolation to occur in. since there rebirth as a nation, they are resolute as it pertains to rebuilding this temple after nearly two thousand years. All of the building materials, and items of worship as commanded to be done in the first temple are being amassed at this time. The prophecy of abomination that causes desolation will soon be possible when construction of the third temple is complete. How’s that for accuracy as a key indicator in ancient prophecy?

So why does all this matter, you might ask? Let’s digress to that conversation Jesus had with his disciples. He said, “that the time of tribulation would be just as in the days of Noah. What was unique about the time of Noah was that in spite of his prophesying about the impending flood no-one believed him, and the unbelievers were all swept away by the flood. They were caught up in the status quo of the moment, they allowed themselves to be conditioned to ignore the truth. Conditioning is a big problem! It’s like the old experiment, dropping a frog in boiling water will immediately jump out. But if you drop him in room temperature water and slowly raise the temperature to boiling, he will stay in the water until he cooks himself. The most common catalyst to conditioning is typically fear. fear … just as in the story of the emperors’ new clothes, the common denominator of the village people was there fear of speaking the truth and losing their place in the community. historically fear has been the go-to manipulating factor of the powers that be who have been quite successful at conditioning the masses for hundreds of years. I would highly recommend the book, “none dare call it conspiracy” by Gary Allen. This small yet powerful book will help you to understand the big picture behind those manipulating and conditioning the masses. We can talk all day long about the boogie man out there, yet if we fail to take responsibility for our selves and what we allow ourselves to be conditioned to, we are doomed to repeat the failures of those in Noah’s day. As believers in Christ we are to be those who are lovers of truth. Truth, especially when it hurts the most. Loving truth as a passion serves as our faithful compass in the raging storm.

Allow me to borrow an example from my dear friend, Vickie, this lovely girl lived across the hall from me. one night we were just hanging out, so I said to her why don’t I nuke some burgers and we’ll cook them on the grill. Her response was really unsuspecting, as she took a giant drag from her cigarette she replied, I don’t use the microwave, it’s bad for your health. Wow what an eye opener! Without even trying to she gave me the perfect example of how we can be our own boogie man and allow ourselves to be conditioned. It is exactly this kind of blindness by choice that allows us to ever so slowly slide into mediocrity. Allow me to say that just because it was said from the pulpit does not automatically make it true. For instance, how many of you have heard for years this famous quote, “God is not a wife beater, there for his bride the church will be raptured before the great tribulation”. Somehow as this man of the cloth takes another drag from the proverbial cigarette his goal is to condition believers into believing that his position is correct in spite of what Jesus said about the elect being present in the tribulation, and Jesus’ return would be after this tribulation. Truth be known the motivation of these preachers is often to keep the pews filled…. The more followers, the bigger the collection, and prestige is.

The bottom line is that there is no excuse for remaining in ignorance. Scripture is abundantly clear about these matters of truth and faith. Jumping back now to my original point. If the leaves are golden and falling to the ground, they Speak louder than words that winter is just around the corner. The key indicators not limited to, but especially those pointing to Israel speak clearly of the 70th week or the tribulation. This tribulation just might be sooner than you think. The time of preparation is at hand. learning the skills as an overcomer is our companion that will help us through this time.

Behind the scenes the powers that be are ready to bring to the forefront this satanic attack, which can be viewed as a three pronged assault. The first is the “one world government”, also known as the new world order. Second are the planes for “a one world currency”, which will usher in the mark of the beast. And last is the “one world religion”, which will become the state sanctioned religion. Like in the days of the catacombs, true believers will have to meet in homes, and other more obscure sanctuaries’ not to be seen by the watching eyes of the government religion.

Take a moment dear beloved to read and reflect on my poem, “Noah’s legacy” my hopes are that this poem will help to challenge your heart and mind of the times we live in, and to strengthen your obedience to God. Obedience to God by the way, is the prescribed antidote to mediocrity, complacency, and conditioning which keeps people asleep behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the word “obedience” has become taboo to many people. Let’s be real folks, our obedience to him is the very least expression of love for all he has done for us.

 Noah’s Legacy Poem Video