The Allure of Wings/ Essay

Come along side me now dear believer, as I lay a foundation for the many things ahead…

Ever since the dawn of time, man has been intrigued by the allure of the birds, and flying creatures that fill the sky. It could be argued, that there existed a kind of jealousy in man’s hearts to what the law of gravity insisted it was incapable of. Of course, from the mindset of 21 century thinking, mankind takes for granted what took over five millennia to accomplish. In modern day society for example to travel from the east coast to the west, thanks to the Wright Brothers, can be and is done on a routine basis in a matter of hours. Before the invention of airplanes it took days on a train, and months on a horse and wagon to as accomplish this lofty goal.

Before that first primitive flight in Kitty Hawk, NC took place, the pioneers of air travel exhausted many attempts to become airborne. Motion cameras captured some of these frustrated attempts. One image comes to mind, as these cameras captured these quite comical events. With large replicas of birds wing strapped across a man’s back, with cameras rolling these pioneer’s would run down a steep embankment flapping his arms expecting some sort of magic to happen just because of his meager attempts to imitate a bird.

Those were the days prayer to the discovery now known as lift, and updraft, that ever so slowly would innovate man’s thinking and enable him to take that historical first journey. Suddenly… what was an impossibility, became man’s first successful attempt at defying gravity. Air travel, albeit primitive at the time, suddenly man’s envy of God flying creatures finally paid off. Since those early times, defying gravity through air travel has been on a collision course with biblical prophecy. Speaking of the “end times” Daniel prophesied that man would run “too and fro” so that knowledge would increase. This prophecy is literally fulfilled on a day to day basis without most of us even giving it a second thought. Truth be told, the metaphor of wings, and flying is as old as ancient scripture.

For example; Psalms 55:6 says “Oh that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and find rest.” Another passage records “That on wings of Heaven I will soar”, and yet another says, “I will mount up with wings of Eagles”. These verses of course are not some kind of prophesy of the advent of airplanes, they hold a far greater significance. They intact speak of a believer’s intended perspective on life. Metaphorically speaking, it is far superior, while learning to defy the world’s gravity looking down on life with a heavenly perspective than to be held captive by the worlds gravity constantly looking up through the rubble of defeated, dysfunctional humanity. To state it in New Testament terminology we are all called to be overcomers. Overcomers, continually rising above it all seeing life through God’s Holy lens. It is through this kingdom’s lens that we learn obedience to our heavenly father.

It is with these thoughts in mind, that I humbly submit to you for your edification this work that bears the title which is intrinsically dear to my soul, “The Allure of Wings”. It will be the underlying theme in each installment which will also have an accompanying poem.

WARNING…… It is only fair to warn you that the road which lay just ahead promises to be quite Rocky at times, to say the very least. Honestly, I make no apologies for this fact, the hour in which we live necessitates this sober reality! I would be unfaithful both to you and God if I compromise the truth which are contained in these pages. Please understand that the days that lie just ahead will require the resolve of your heart to be an overcomer to make it through.

Wings of Heaven / Poem