my commitment to you

At no time in the writings of this website will you be required to give money to proceed further in its intended purpose. I welcome you with open arms to review this site as much as your heart’s desires, at no cost to you. Jesus gave the disciples his marching orders in MATT 10:8 “freely you have received freely give,” and I take this admonition quite literally. If however, you find these writings to be beneficial, you can help me as well as yourself simply by donating and downloading two of my most treasured works. First are fifteen of my best spiritual poems in Billy’s poetry corner. This collection makes a wonderful addition to your prayer closet. It as well makes a great gift to that very dear friend. Just buy a three-ring folder at the dollar store and you’re ready to go. Secondly, for all you hopeless romantics out there, you will find two quite lovely love poems, one for him and one for her, This is titled Romantic delight, And to crown your special day off with a Divinely inspired love song. Feel free to preview this love song by tapping the play button under the logo icon at the top, this song is called “once in a lifetime”.
We are offering these two diamonds in writing for a much-appreciated minimum love gift of just $25.00. You will be able to download these Gems by clicking on the links to the poetry corner, or Romantic delight.
In any event dear friend, my prayer is that this site will inspire you into a much deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ in these most troubled “End Of Days” in which we are so privileged to be living in.



Thanks so very much, I deeply appreciate it.BILLY.