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At no time in the writings of this website will you be asked to give money to proceed further towards the completion of its intended purpose. Please review this site as much as your heart desires, at no cost. Jesus gave his disciples their marching orders in MATT 10:8 “Freely you have received, freely give”, and I take this admonition quite literally.  However, … If you find these writings to be beneficial, you can give a much appreciated “love gift donation” You will find on the donate now tab two of my most treasured works. First, 15 of my best spiritual poems. this collection makes a great gift, as well as a wonderful addition to your prayer closet. Secondly, for those hopeless romantics out there, you will find two quite lovely all occasions love poems, one for him, and one for her, you can preview these poems on my romantic delight Vlog on the home page, as well as a divinely inspired love song. You can preview this song by tapping on the logo icon in the top/left of the page. In the spirit of giving, we are offering all of the above for a minimum Donation of $25.00. this Low price will allow those who are struggling in these trying times to partake, if you can afford something more, please feel free, all donations are deeply appreciated.  


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